Julia Agnes
Fine Artist
About the Artist

Julia Agnes ~
 I began my artistic path in eighth grade,  and it's become a way of exploring my inner self and my relation to the outer world.  
 I love the vibrancy of color on canvas and the starkness of black and white with graphite.  
Collage allows me to explore ideas,  thoughts or questions by putting images on paper in incongruent ways I have not considered before.
I have kept journals since I was sixteen and they go from poety to prose to inner questioning of life itself.  I keep scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, post-it notes, all bundled with the spiral binding of each journal, bulging with ideas for artwork, characters, and ideas to explore another day.
My life itself is my basic medium, as I use all my experiences as a jumping board to define and redefine myself and my place in the cosmos.

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